Ramona Riley

Ramona RuthAnn LeRoy, mother of three, wife and businesswoman, has always been unique. From her name to her vivacious personality she always stood out. Kingston Jamaica is her birthplace and where she grew up until the age of fourteen. She attended Hillel Academy Prep and high school from age four to fourteen. She has quite an an intuitive spirit which contributes in her passion to heal and advice others with a sincere heart. Dancing, swimming, track and field, drama the list goes on and on when it comes to natural athleticism and skills. At the age of fourteen she moved to South Florida where she found she could excel further in different sports such as Softball, soccer and volleyball, which she dominated them like she had been competing in them for years. After graduating from high school she decided Missonary work was her passion. Bringing people closer to the Creator was her main goal so she went to the largest Bible university in North America, Liberty University. During her time there she ministered to the youth and traveled Europe. After a few years she realized that there was other plans in store for her. She moved back to South Florida and decided that the youth and their education were being ignored and someone needed to do something about it. Early Childhood development became more than a passion, it became her goal to teach and mentor young students into having the best education she could offer.

Ramona graduated from Nova Southeastern and taught at Nova’s special needs department. During this time she Married the love of her life and had her first born. She moved to South Carolina a year later where she was certified as a Montessori teacher. For 3 years she was the director of a montessori school while starting her first company STEPPS. After her second child she developed reproductive issues which resulted in a miscarriage. Her reproductive system was so deteriorated that a hysterectomy was her only option given to her by her OBGYN. Ramona being the woman she is did not settle for that as an option for who would want a hysterectomy at 29 years of age. She started to do her research and worked with several herbalist and three months later not only did she cure herself from her disease but she became pregnant with her daughter. From there she started taking classes in naturopathy, which included herbs, oils, reflexology and much more. Forty weeks pregnant Ramona delivered her daughter in the back of her SUV on the way to the birth center. Life as she knew it changed. A whole new world opened up to her which was Birth, womb health and beyond. Hypnobirthing, Placenta specialist, Doula work just to name a few of her certifications were obtained after the birth of her daughter. Ramona has taken everything to do with the female body and has created a company that educates women and young girls how to heal and protect their reproductive system. Using methods that tap in to the physical, emotional and spiritual part of a woman is what she was born to do. Teaching women how to be Goddesses and love self is also very important to her. Since 2012 Ramona has been dedicated to building her company called Cosmic Wombman.