Womb Health

What is the power of the “womb” and its contribution to life? How often we take for granted its significance to life, and the power that we as women harness in molding and shaping the world around us. This may seem like a burden and arduous responsibility. However it is one of our most precious gifts.

Most of us only come to realize how precious our womb is, when confronted with its non-responsive behavior and now that it has taken on a mind of its own. Now is the time to tune in, listen, connect and become reacquainted with her.

The reality is that we have not been informed at an early age as to how the female body will develop, change, mature while acquiring habits that provide and maintain a healthy reproductive system.  Discussions such as having periods (menstrual cycles), puberty, breast development, sex (opposite genders), STD’s and pregnancy, have become somewhat taboo topics in our ordinary conversations. When a woman begins this journey it is usually after an untimely issue arises.

So no matter what stage you’re at or what cards you have been dealt; I have made it my life’s journey to empower women of all ages and backgrounds to guide you through an  holistic and plant based approach to acquire a healthy reproduction system (womb) and emotional balance.

Womb Education

Knowledge; along with its application is a measurement of your wisdom. In an age where we are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information, it poses a challenge in determining what remedies works best for you. As science and technology continues to evolve, so does the medicine. Much of the techniques I use and recommend are plant based and holistic remedies!

Being that the diseases that affect our reproductive system has been such a touchy subject, it has become incumbent upon me to engage and educate audiences through various public appearance, lectures, workshops and retreats.

Womb Parties

Who’s the host with the most…. call up your girls and let’s get together to have an empowering and rejuvenating time. Womb Parties are a very enlightening time for you and your lady friend to tap into your femininity. The Vagina Lady will bring the goodies yoni eggs, vaginal steams and much more. Along with a wealth of knowledge, comes an array of physical womb wellness techniques such as Belly Dancing, Yoga Poses and Vaginal Breathing (Awakening).

This is not your usual ladies night.
1. Prayer
2. Normal vs. Healthy Reproductive System Review
3. Diet and lifestyle Change
4. Yoga Poses and stretching for Detox and hormonal balance.
5. Belly Dancing (strengthens reproductive system)
5. Sound and color therapy for Reproductive health
6. The Group Makes a Hand Blended Salts Bath and is shared amongst them.